how did my duck die

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    Apr 30, 2016
    i got a pekin duckling that was probably a few days old a week ago. so now he is probably a week old. I was giving them more food and water and as he was eating and drinking he would cough and stick out his tongue. he did this for a little bit and then started throwing up. the I realized he was gasping for breath. before I could save him he stopped moving and breathing. he died.

    I would like to know

    why did this happen
    how did this happen
    and what caused this to happen

    note : he was pushing a lot of water through his nose

    you send me a private message here if you need o about further info

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    [​IMG] Sorry for the loss. I am not certain what happened here, but if ducklings are allowed to run out of feed or water they sometimes gorge themselves on both and choke to death once it is provided.

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