How did they get so big?


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Mar 3, 2011
So my meaties are now 7 weeks old. I got their age a bit mixed up and thought it was only 5 for some reason. So I weighed one of the roos today, I mean they looked big, but what do I know. He was not the biggest roo and was 8-1/2 pounds. NO WONDER he looks so big! I did not weigh the others, but I bet the big roo is over 10 then. So I guess it is past time to process them.

Looking like Tuesday evening may be the day...

I have 4 girls and 4 boys, I am thinking of doing the roos and giving the pullets another couple weeks on pasture.

I did a few old laying hens a couple months ago, but we did not pluck them (skinned), nor did we eat them (at 6 years they were for the puppy). I am a little nervous, and also wondering how big these chickens will be!
We do it in the back yard.

It is really pretty easy.

The first time it takes a bit longer as you need to learn where all the parts are.

After you are done, it will be easy next time around.
I didn't do very good research when picking out some egg layers so imagine how freaked out I was when three of mine were growing like weeds--oops!!! I processed my first one around 6 weeks old and the other two around 8 weeks old. One of the 8 week olds was a roo and he was hefty! Good luck!

sounds interesting
Mine suddenly got huge, too! I was hoping to wait another week, but I am in NC, and it has gotten hot and humid the last week. Poor things pant constantly, even at night! I might even do one tonight if I'm up to it after work (I'm often on my feet all day, may be too tired) I need to put them out of their misery, poor things. All 3 of mine, 2 pullets, 1 cockeral, are now even bigger than my full grown Delaware hen!
Last night we had a real farmer girlat the farm. She has done her own, and her kidsnin 4-H have...

She looked at them and is like "MY GOD! They are huge!" I said I was planning on doing the roos this week.

She said "I would do all of them!"

The look on her face was funny, so I guess it is probably past time.

The 4 roos, are in a pen now, and I am doing last minute plucking research! When I get home we will do the deed...
I had to carry all but one of my meaties to a new tractor location...they are getting some heft to them. Mine are right at 5 weeks. Not sure how I managed to get all hens and 1 roo but thats what the skinny is.

Im am aiming for 8 weeks on the nose, figuring the roo will probably not get that far due to the heat (sunday supper)

Ive butchered chickens before, but never meat only chickens so I am not expecting any issues. I would say if you got a good reaction from someone who has raised them before, then ya done good!
I did my only cockeral last night. Took a half hour from start to finish, and my scalding water was too hot, took the skin right off! Oops! Live and learn! He was only 4.5lbs, so I'm going to let the 2 pullets go a few more weeks. They aren't as bad off as the roo was, poor thing. They really don't seem to do well in the humid heat we have here. I think they're 6 or 7 weeks old now? And I have been feeding a lower protein grower b/c I didn't want them to grow too fast my first time raising them.

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