How Did You Discover BYC?

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    Hey everyone!

    I thought I'd start a new thread before we sent out the newsletter. It was mentioned in the Bumper Sticker thread that it would be fun to learn where all the members / visitors are coming from.

    Please reply to this thread and add how you first discovered BYC. Was it through a search engine? If so, which one? What did you search for? Was it from a friend who just loves hanging out over here? Maybe from another website? Hopefully within the next few weeks we'll get some posts that say, "I saw the website on a bumper sticker!"

    I'll start:

    When: 12/11/04
    How: Google Searches

    It was about 2.5 years ago when a friend of mine hatched baby chicks and wanted to give 5 to my wife and I. "OhMyGosh... I need to learn about chickens!!!" was my first thought. I began my journey for chicken knowledge searching Google for "raising chickens" and "chicken coops" etc. I found a lot of helpful sites but the one that kept coming up in the searches was When I noticed I had bookmarked about 10 pages of the site and printed everything in the "Learning Center" I knew I was hooked!
  2. edbama2

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Slocomb, Alabama
    A friend of mine started me on the chicken thing. I visit him and his wife several times a year and he has chickens & ducks all over his yard. It was neat waking up to the sound of a rooster crowing. Since I am an early riser, I went to their food bin and they were all following me. I fed them and that was when it clicked. I figured I had to have one. LOL, Just one? Not! I started asking him about them and getting info on raising. Since I am big into computer and internet I googled and found this site. That was in February and I put in my first order for 100 chics with my said friend. I have used many forums before but, can not find one with the quality of people here. [​IMG]
  3. Pringle_Sussex

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    Apr 19, 2007
    i was in grade 8 at school and wanted to waste sometime in class so i went onto google and searched chickens and it came up with this site and i've always remembered it![​IMG]
  4. barg

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    Apr 27, 2007
    My wife had talked about getting chickens and has a friend who has chickens. It was one of "Those things" she talks about but often forgets about. About 3 weeks ago she came home early from work with a tub in her hands..... 4 chickens inside.

    She had been looking at BYC as well as other websites about chickens and coops.she had been looking at the coop designs part of the page and thats what she showed me. So it was my wife that showed me BYC, although I found the forum mostly on my own.

    I too needed a crash coarse in chickens and am still in the middle of that coarse. Thanks all for the info btw! [​IMG]

    Our coop is nearly built, but its going very slow due to time restrictions. pretty soon I'll have pics.

    I'll try to get colleen to post a message about how she found the site.

    The steve half -
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  5. silkiechicken

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    I've had chickens since 6th grade (1998) and found this site though a google search of chickens back in oh 2000? This site was new new at the time and message boards were slow responding. My have things changed!
  6. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Mansfield, MO
    In late March, I decided I wanted to get some guineas to help rid of us ticks. My DH turned a large completely enclosed dog pen into a temporary coop. I knew then I wanted to get a "few" chickens. I googled raising chickens and found BYC. I lurked in the background for a couple weeks trying to learn everything I could about chickens. What a gold mine I had found here! Two weeks later I had five grown chickens. One week after that I had twenty chicks. They now have a warm, safe coop thanks to my DH. This is a wonderful hobby for me since I recently retired. Thank you BYC for all the help.
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  7. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
  8. janramsey

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    Apr 21, 2007
    Vilonia, Arkansas
    I was at the TSC store with my hubby..found a free has a whole page talking bout chickenstock and byc!!!
  9. Keleka

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    Mar 8, 2007
    West Bloomfield
    I stumbled upon the old BYC site over a year a half ago now. I have colleagues who have chickens so it rubbed off on me and sparked an interest. I always wanted to live on a farm as a kid, but being the city boy I am it never happened. I figured this was as close as it gets for now, and my daughter loves the chickens even though my wife isn't fully warmed up to them yet. I believe it was google that directed me here and then to the EZboard forum where I have gained so much in a little time. Thank you BYC!
  10. Gracefulspice

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    Mar 25, 2007
    Lets see if I can make this short? We have friends that have chickens, but I wasn't interested in chickens at that time. They are chickens that are locked up all day and I never got to discover their personality. ( I didn't know at that time they actually have one) But about 2 months ago I went to a home that chickens were just walking about everywhere. [​IMG] I just had to laugh. [​IMG] I've seen it on farms...but in a private homes back yard? [​IMG] First the rooster came up to me, I guess to see if I was a threat or not. He just walk by and made it a point to actually look me in the eye as if to say " seem nice enough" Soon after the hens came over to take their turns of looking me over. One decided to stand next to me as though she enjoyed my company. [​IMG] I just kept giggling at them, and I thought how neat they were. Once I was home I did some searching on chickens, [​IMG] I'm pretty sure it was and I found BYC. I visited a few times, enjoyed the people and the threads, and picked up alot of info on chickens. I was at a loss with how to care for chickens, but I figured with BYC by my side this could be a great thing. 3 weeks later I found some hens and brought them home. Hubby is still not sure what to think, he's not real big on them pooping on the patio or driveway. [​IMG]

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