How did you find BYC and what.....


Jul 26, 2008
Bagdad KY
what was your first thread about? I think it is funny, I found BYC only after I done build my first coop and got my first flock, and may be I was playing online just searching about chickens or something in this field

Now I became an addicted to BYC, I think it is bad when an old man like me sit on internet and look at chickens everyday, I think I will wast the 50% of my comming life on chickens
I found BYC searching for how to take care of chickens AFTER we bought some. I am not sure my first thread, but the most memorable newbie thread I posted had to be: What kind of bird is this? It is black. No pic included with that!!!
I found BYC after our only rooster was killed by a raccoon. I was trying to find info on hatching chicks.
We had bought an incubator and put 5 eggs from our chickens in it. I had no idea if they were fertile, how to candle, etc.
I knew about laying hens, but NOTHING about hatching. So I found BYC, got the info I needed, and became addicted.
1st post was something like: Egg pipped 6 hours ago... how much longer?
Like debiraymond, I found BYC after I got my first chicks and wanted to know everything there was to know about raising chickens. I'm not sure, but I think my first thread was a "Do you think this is a roo?" thread.

I do remember snickering at all the people hatching their own eggs thinking I'd never do that. Well, guess what? I'm currently spending time going back and forth from the calendar to the bator wondering why three weeks is such a loooong time.
I think I found ezBYC through a google search back in like April 2004. I have NO idea what my first post was about LOL
I found BYC searching on how to look after chickens. Leading up to the event I started going on more and more and 10 weeks after I got my chickens I am now registered.

My first thread was about me, introducing myself.
I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for pine shavings. I had just finished the floor on our coop and wanted to be prepared when I got my chickens. Anyway a BYCer answered my ad & turned me on to this site. It was Chickadeedle. I will be forever be in debt to her !
I was searching the web after boys of my boys looked at me and asked if they could raise chickens

Well..... I spend more time with the flock than my boys do.....

I found BYC and stuck around.
I was going to get some chickens from my cousin, and wanted info on building a coop & run, raising chickens, etc., etc., etc. Did a Google search on "chickens", and here I am.

My first thread... Hmmm. I think it was asking about coop size in relation to the number of birds.

My first post - No idea. Something inane, I'm sure.

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