how do i acclimate young hens to new house?

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Jun 30, 2014
I just got 4 young Buff Orpington hens that look about 20 weeks old, they don't have combs or wattles yet but theyre already bigger than the full grown redstars I used to have.I put them in a nice backyard henhouse and are leaving them confined 2 days so they learn where to roost at nite. Tomorrow day 3 I plan to let them out in a 10X10 run attached to the henhouse. I eventually will let them free range the fenced in backyard and will lock em up at nite. The Question is ,how long should I confine them to henhouse then the run before letting them have the yard? I want them to learn their surroundings and roost without chasing them down at bedtime.. And any general advice for Orpingtons? Thanks
About a week should be good. During that time make sure to become good friends with them. Bring treats out when you go to check on them. Eventually they'll learn to run over when they see you. Putting scratch grain in a tin can and rattling it is a good way to associate the food with a sound. So when you start letting them out you can walk out at dusk and rattle your can. They should all come running into the coop for treats. Even if you don't bring treats chickens will naturally go home when it gets dark and all you have to do is shut the coop door. Training them to come to you is just a good way to get them inside early, in a emergency or something.
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Good plan in OP and good advice from clf.
Might want first ranging to happen just an hour before roost time, so they don't go far before it's time to roost.
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Thanks chickenlovinfreak! They got the 10x10 cage for a week. Dust bathing and bug hunting already.Happy Hens

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