How do I attach hardware cloth to dog run panels?


Mar 12, 2019
Western Pennsylvania
I recently purchased 8 5x6 foot Retriever welded wire dog run panels. They’re made with 1.25” tubing and 8-gauge welded wire. They will form 3 sides of my run, attaching one on each side of my 6 foot wide coop and running back from there. An adjacent 16 foot long shed will form the third side. I need to attach the hardware cloth to the panels to predator proof and to create a no-dig apron. Can anyone tell me the best way to do that? Will cage clips work? Or hog rings? Thanks in advance!
They work great and so darn easy ... Check out Amazon or your hardware store, the not have UV ones. I attached the wire to the PVC on my Mobile Run with them, the first set wasn't UV but lasted me 2yrs before breaking. This time I'm using the UV ones, will see how long they last (cost more).
The galvanized wire, I can attest, breaks after about 3 years. Best luck I have had is with heavier gauge aluminum. If it's hog rings, so be it. Have had max 3 years luck with zip ties as well.

When building my animal pens and shelters, I had heard before to build for the ages and not use things like baling wire or zip ties to secure stuff. Part of me wishes I had listened, the other part of me doesn't care anymore. It all melted in fire anyway! I'm still young enough to do it over again, but not young enough to have to keep re-doing fences and shelters every few years.

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