How do I change the thing under my username?

How do I change the little thing that says "crowing" under my username?

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You have to purchase, win or earn a Premium Feather Membership. Then you can change it to whatever you want.
Or, you can continue to earn points and it will change to the next level when hit the corresponding "mile marker".
It will change automatically as you get more trophy points.
Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 10.10.26.png

This is another thread about trophy points:

If you want to create your own custom title you need to purchase a PFM:

Or you can win one in one of the many contests.
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Can you change it anytime?
I'm not sure how premium works but I've read that you can change your tag/title/rank line- whatever it is.
I think you have to pay for premium.
I was 'hatching' then 'in the brooder' not long ago, and I seem to have worked my rank up just by posting, commenting, and giving/getting 'likes'.
I'm relatively new on this site, so that's about all I know

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