How do I convince my parents?

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    Sep 1, 2009
    College Station TX
    To move somewhere where I can raise chickens (legally). I already own 10 but I love them soo much (who knew chickens could be so addicting?) and although we already live on 3 acres we aren't aloud to have poultry or split hooved animals. But we are aloud to have horses. (I don't understand the logic in that but whatever). I know my dad would do it because he breeds wheat and sorugum for a living. I doubt I could convince them. Lol. We live in texas and therefore the economy is strong here, and I know we could afford to move. I really don't expect answers, lol. My dad loves them too but my mom isn't involved. I've always wanted to live on a farm so I could raise farm animals... [​IMG]
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    POST STICKY NOTES EVERYWHERE!!! LOL ... Thats what I did when I was little when I wanted something. [​IMG]
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    Try being 40, working your whole life and want to move to a farm but cant afford it [​IMG] I hope i can soon before I am to old to enjoy it. Look into 4h, I was told that in some areas if you are a 4h member some of the restrictions do not apply. You can try the city or county council for a variance but most council members are jerks from my experience and don't like to help people. A LONG shot is to look up your states right to farm law and see what it says.
    Hope this helps.
    I should have finished law school but decided to be a chef instead [​IMG]

    PS tell your parents what ever they do do not move to a larger farm, if they are like mine you will be all moved in the next week [​IMG]
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    I agree. Look up your local 4H rules. Texas is a ranching state, and chickens do fall into ranching. Technically it's still legal to lynch (or is it shoot) a cattle thief in Texas... so who knows what old homestead type laws might be available. Call local high schools, as many participate in the 4H program and ask their advice. Take full advantage of the resources at hand. Even in the city, Arlington, like I am, there are laws on the books allowing chickens. It it based on land size, IE on 1/2 acre or less no more than 4 hens... but there is a provision. With three acres you shouldn't have a problem having 10, or perhaps more. If need be use Arlington as an example!! If city folk like us can have chickens right smack in the middle of the metroplex... right down the road from Texas and Dallas Cowboys Stadiums, AND Six Flags then other parts of Texas shouldn't have any problem!!

    If all else fails perhaps you can get your doctor to write a note saying that they recommend limiting hormones in your diet... thus farm raised (and pumped full of chemicals) chicken and eggs are not possible for you...
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    Jul 16, 2009
    You go girl! (assuming) Make that your goal in life so after your get what you want out of life. Make a plan and stick to it. Don't get side tracked. Plan!

    Wishing you all the luck! [​IMG]
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    Oh, and sidenote... your love of animals could very well lead to a career in Vet Med... so that could be a point.

    Another note to mention to any 4H peeps you talk to, or even the 'rents.
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    Mar 12, 2009
    Sounds like you could legally have mule footed hogs. That should shake things up around there. LOL
  8. safarichick101

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    Sep 1, 2009
    College Station TX
    We live in Aggie Land... (texans should know where that is. [​IMG]) And texas a&m stands for Texas AGRICULTURE & Engineering. Our barn is old and has very good historical figures too it because it was the original. That barn was around when the person who owned it sold all of his land to make a neighborhood. Man, wish he hadn't [​IMG]. But yes. I'm a daddy's girl and not really spoiled. I would take farm life to city life any day. The problem is we live right next to a park.. (I used to pray for a horse too) and our pasture just had to be the thing adjacent to it, so any waco (not waco the city) could come and beat the horse.. so the house really isn't meant for horses. I love this house, I've lived here since we moved from Kansas to be closer to family in San Antonio. But I've always wanted to grow up on a farm.. Thats been my dream, so I try to plan ahead and make sure my kids (if I have any) do so because I think its a good experience and it looks good on applications lol. I think even raising a few chickens has made me a more responsible person since I got them 2 years ago.
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    Quote:Back in my day there were no sticky notes. We had to use scotch tape and notebook paper! [​IMG]

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