How do I determine if an egg is a chick or just an egg?

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Jul 29, 2012
I have a dozen Hens. When I first bought them I also bought a Bantam Roo but he escaped when I was unloading the Pullets.
I have 2 of each different breeds including 2 Bantams. This all happened about four weeks ago, well, now that Bantam Roo
has returned. Amazing I imagine. My problem is this; if he stays I have no idea how to tell if an egg is edible or if it is a Chick.
None of the Girls have started laying yet. The reason I was actually kind of glad he did run away was so that it would be simple
to know that eggs were eggs:>( I am so new to this, I actually got them to enjoy basically as pets. Could someone tell me or
point me to a site to find this out. Thanks so much in advance.
If you collect all the eggs daily they can all be ate and none will start to develop into chicks.
Exactly. Eggs need to be incubated to turn into chicks, so any egg collected on the day it was laid won't develop.

Here's a link to Speckledhen's thread on determining fertile vs. infertile eggs:

Knowing whether eggs are fertile or not can tell you whether your rooster is doing his job, if you want to hatch eggs (though obviously,an egg that has been checked this way is no longer hatchable!)

There are some people who get really squeamish about the "eating animals" thing, who feel that eating an infertile egg is ok, but not a fertile one (that could become a living being if it were incubated). If that's your concern, you can either get rid of the rooster, or keep him separated from some of the hens, and only eat eggs from those hens.
Thanks for the answers. No I am not squeamish I just honestly didn't know that they were all eggs if I get them soon enough. Now perhaps if one of the Bantam girls stay sitting on an egg I
may just leave her there to hatch her baby. I am kind of a person that believes that God's design is good enough for me so I just usually let Nature take it's course. The girls are just really pets that I wanted after seeing someone else have them. I love to pull up a chair, sit back and watch their silly antics. I will be excited to start getting eggs but if that doesn't happen it will be okay with me. I love that when I walk out there they start talking and walking with me. ...Confession: I do give them some meal worms or other treats at least once a day.
I appreciate that no one on this site answers in a way that would make others' feel stupid for not knowing. I grew up in the city of Detroit and had no relatives with farming animals.
So THANKS so much!
Good for you and Glad you joined us!!! If you do have one of your hens go Broody (hen that wants to sit and develop egg) You should check out the learning center link for candling eggs. This site has great info and you can choose a subject from the drop down and just type in a short question in the nav and it will bring up past threads related to your question. Tons of reading and lots of information without having to wait for someone to answer your question in a post. But members are great and will always try to help too.
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Thanks, I will go there. I had typed in the question on the Search space but it didn't take me to what I needed. Also going to the site someone else gave me:>) I got the Chicks after my hubby passed into Heaven, I was running away from home at every chance I got but have finally changed that and I am back home to stay. My friends and family pretty much thought I was nuts to get the Chicks but I didn't care if they did, I can take some teasing..all in fun. I am very proud of myself for building my own Coup. (sorry, brag brag) The way you all share so generously keeps restoring my faith in humanity which most of us loose when we watch the News:>( I look forward to open the Coupe and let them out each morning, even cleaning off the poop is not a problem, LOL. Is there anyplace to get Meal Worms cheap? That is their fave treat. Hugs to all of you!
I'm sorry for your lose
I'm glad you chose to move forward and found a reason to run back to home and family. I believe some animals come into our life because we needed them to. If you are nuts for getting chickens - LOL It's all good! You are in very good company here in this community. There are lots on this site that are just as nuts.
Me included. I'm sure your coop is wonderful and I would love to see pictures of it.
Thanks, I have pictures on my Profile somewhere, lol. Yeah, for awhile there were just too many happy memories at home but at least I was smart enough not to sell it:>) I also agree on being in good company and prefer having people think I am "nuts", a good way to keep them on their toes and keep em laughing. Some think I'm an old lady and should be in a rocking chair, LOL. It is fun to be a part of this Community, all I hear from are "real" people!
I also bought four ducklings when I bought the Pullets, then got scared it would be too much so I gave them to a friend. Oh My Gosh, does he love them! He puts them in the bathtub to swim and last night one drowned so he gave it A R and brought it back to life. I'm so glad I gave them to him!!! First pix before I painted the red trim.


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