how do I do it?


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I have 4 pearl Guineas , 12 wk. old, 1 Banty Roo, about 5 mth. old and 1 white silkie about 4 mth old. Now these all get along very well. I got 2 lavender Guineas 3 Silkies and 3 EE's which are now 5 wk. old. they are in a cage inside my coupe, and can see each other, but they are not on the floor. I know my Guineas have been on top of the cage and see them better than my little roo and silkie. How soon can I put them together? I am scared. I think my roo might be mean to them. Should I let my Guineas out first to see how they mingle with the older Guineas? They are all sweet and friendly to me, but I'm scared they might not like the babies. Please advise me someone. I've read before how some have done this and now can't find the thread.,sorry. Thanks


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Well, I can share what we are doing... We have 4 week old chicks in a brooder right next to the nesting boxes and roost for the bigger birds. Chicken wire in between so they can see each other and get to know one another. I have heard that they should stay like this for 2-4 weeks and then watch them carefully once put together. I know my BO roosts right next to the brooder and the babies sleep in a pile right next to her. She wants to be their mama.

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