How do I do this! yes another getting more chickens thread


10 Years
May 9, 2012
Northeast ohio
If someone can help me I would really apperciate it. We got 4 chickens in May (april born). We brought home 2 golden buffs, and 2 rhode island reds. We did this to see if we would like chickens so we got a cheap old coop off line and knew if we liked it we could expand later. Well we did and I moved my hens into their new place Sunday night...The run and new coop is ALOT bigger then what they had, they would free range, my question is two fold, first the girls just sat in the run of the new coop till after dark, they didnt go in the coop by themselves so I had my son and I put them in the coop and put them on the roost, which they stayed all night, until I came and opened the door to let them out in the run...usually they would have laid 4 eggs by now, but I am guessing it will take a couple days to do that and use the new nesting boxes (which are set at 18 inches off the ground is that too high?) the roosting pole is set at 3 feet off the ground is that too high? (I have a ladder from the top of the nesting boxes to the pole to help them get up there if they dont fly up (I am new to this) ANYWAYS When would be a good time to add new chickens, we want 8 total, also HOW would I go about doing this? I was told by a friends its always better to start a whole new flock, HELP please I know I added questions in there, I just want to make sure my hens are taken care of.
Most things are NOT too high for chickens, they get up pretty well, so ur nesting boxes and roosts are fine.
Im sure it will take 2-3 days for them to get used to the new place.
As for the best time to get more chickens, u could possibly get them now so they all can get used to the new place together, but on the other hand it could cause them to be more aggresive, so u might want to wait and see what other people say.

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