How do I find out how many chickens I'm allowed to have in my local area?!?!?!


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I'm not even sure if I can have a rooster or not! (not sure if I even have a rooster yet or if all 12 of them are roosters lord I hope not haha) ugh my neighbors are 90yrs old and like to cause all kinds of issues because of our pet dog. So, I really hope I'm not going to have to get rid of any of my baby birds, I've gotten so attached to them already and my kids love them so much! Please help me figure out the laws to raising these cute lil guys.
I don't know how it works in other places but my city has a website. I went to the city website and went to the building official/ordinances area. In that area of the website, they had a link for our city's ordinances and municipal codes. In that link, it lists all the codes. The animals were listed in the Code of Ordinances - Chapter 2 - Animals.

I would suggest looking up your city webpage or calling your City Hall to start. They should be able to direct you to where you can read the exact code for your city.

My city does not allow livestock/farm animals of any kind with the exceptions of: our local zoo and: ~~animals kept as a part of a state educational institution or the owners of animals temporarily exhibited at any fair or agricultural exhibition, or to "pony rides" or other animal rides operated on a temporary basis .

I am tempted to register my kids for 4-H to get some hens for eggs but then there's the problem of my husband getting on board. . .
Ok, Thank you! I'll deffintly look up my city website. though i live out side of city limits i wonder if i should look up the parish/county website instead. guess ill do both. lol but thanks for your help again!


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