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    Jun 2, 2007
    salt lake city, Ut
    ok, kids went to the fair with a friend and found the most beautiful sultan pullet in the world there. Now kids never do anything for their mom, right? So my kids decide they should buy this chicken for their mom! Oh my heart be still! My kids actually did something for me? (of course, I would never have bought an ornamental bird, but that's another story.) Well, they said the guy at the fair said she was half bantum? She's tiny. All my other hens (I only have girls) are 20-24 weeks and just starting to layand they are big full size chickens. I can't keep this little girl seperate, she's got to eventually go in the coop, but the other girls are going to pick on her something fierce and sultans aren't supposed to be very hardy birds. Now, I could tell the kids the other girls are going to pick on her too bad and we should look for another home for her, but MY KIDS ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING NICE FOR ME! and I'd like to keep her. I just don't see where that's very practical. What should I do. All advise is needed and appreciated. Help!
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    Thats a great present from the kids! [​IMG] Is there a way you might be able to get another friend for her? Doesnt have to be the same breed, just another small one? Someone she can pal around with? Is there a way to split the coop and run? Oh...and GOT PICS????
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    I keep my less than 2 lb silkies in with my large birds with the rooster being 9 lbs. You can integrate them, just do it slowly and keep an eye on her.
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I have 3 seperate runs. One for my standards, one for my bantams, and one for my silkies. I think 2 setups is a good for big and one for small. Can you do that? Then you can go get her some new mellow friends.
  5. rrrsmom

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    Jun 2, 2007
    salt lake city, Ut
    I don't have room for 3 different runs. I'm right in downtown Salt Lake City and have very limited space.
    What I did for this evening was I put a large cage inside the chicken run. The cage is probably 3 ft x 4ft by 1 1/2 tall. I'm going to leave "Fancy Pants" (the name of the sultan pullet) in the cage when I can't be out there with them. When I can be out there and protect her I'll let her roam free in the chicken run. For the next few days I'm going to spend as much time as I can out there with them and see if they will finally settle down and accept her. Please give me any other advise you can come up with. Help!
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    Jul 14, 2007
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    put her in slowly and see where she falls in the pecking order, I have a bantum cochin roo, that only takes orders from the two biggest roos, and for the most part they leave him alone except when he (attempts to) go after one of the hens. they chase and he outruns them and everything goes back to normal till he tries again
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