how do i get her feathers to grow back

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    i just got 4 new hens and 2 of them are bald on their necks and backs like under their necks not on top and one of them is missing an eye [​IMG] other that that they are healthy happy and gorgeous looking from the feahters they do have but the one with the missing eye is way more bald on her back than the other one and im afraid my 2 roos will just rip her to shreds if i let her out with them how can i get her feathers to grow back quickly? and will her eye missing be a problem with free ranging i have a barred rock roo that always protects the smaller girls so im hoping shell stick by him so he can warn her when to run for cover
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    unless there is an underlying problem like mites the feather loss is just from being a favorite girl of the roo... [​IMG]

    you can buy her a saddle and protect that area while the feathers grow back in or just leave her and they will take their time growing back in.. you may want to up her protein a little to "feed" the new feathers growing back in

    scramble an egg or two a week just for her... her special treat, or I will give my feather challenged hens a bit of canned tuna
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    They were probably run ragged by their last roo(s), I recieved a hen in similar condition earlier this year. After her next molt she was good as new. Just make sure your roos have plenty of ladies!

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