how do i get my cat to not attack my chickens and ignore them instead

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Apprentice3, May 15, 2016.

  1. Apprentice3

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    May 14, 2016
    I had mice issues so got a one year old cat,

    i have taken her out on three supervised visits outside, she is very good at climbing and is way to interested in my chickens.
    She attacked the smallest of the three adult chickens, so yelled at her and took her inside so lucky no one was hurt.

    Today on a visit outside she tried to make her way to the coop.

    I fear for my chickens but don't want to get rid of the cat if possible.
    The neighbors cats stalk my chickens sometimes, but are really good as they haven't been a problem. My new cat though might be. Any suggestions, I must admit i prefer to keep my chickens over my cat but if i can make they co-exist that would my aim.

    PS i have free range my chickens and only put them in there coop at night but a cat who is determined could climb the fencing or a tree and get in there coop as it is not covered above.

    I plan on making the cat come inside at night times.

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    Apr 25, 2016
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    Buy a rooster...? I
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    Hmm, if your cat could get into the coop, so could a raccoon or opossum. You might want to rethink your coop security. Are your chickens large fowl, or bantams? I honestly wouldn't worry about a cat with full-grown LF chickens, as I've never experienced a problem that way. Our cat tried stalking them when he was about half grown. One of the hens just started walking toward him, and the gave up and never tried again. Not saying it couldn't happen, it's just never been my experience.
  4. Rock Sister

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    Apr 25, 2016
    North Florida
    Spray bottle of water, a small open cage where kitten can see chickens without getting to them and let the chickens gather around him for a whole day. After that, spray him everytime he gets in chicken playing mood. Want to get rid of mice? Sprinkle dried peppermint leaves where seen. Rhodents do not like!

    If you have a roo, better. If you remove roo, hens will learn to gang up on cats. We have a Bengal that runs loose from next door. I have a Orphinton that is their leader and biggest. She will call in the army and off they go! I think to myself, "self, what would you do as a cat when You saw 15 chickens setting up their army and charge? " RUN! This cat is somewhere around 30 lbs. we don't house Roosters with them. They won't build up predator instincts because they have someone doing it. My RIR ROO is 24lbs and we use him as a gatekeeper. All 3 pastures are connected via his path from gate to gate. He alerts everyone to a problem, whether sky or ground and they take over. He even lets me know when someone in car at main gate and when the mail gets here. Lol My chickens use him as an "alarm" then proceed to take care of itnaccording to his instructions. We ALL know the wrath of a woman.... Get them started and a ruckus is going to come out! Lol Now my breeders, well. They don't count... They each
    Have their own Fort Knox... Especially Lavendars!

    Ps... Our very first coop we placed an 8 week old kitten in with girls at night. It grew up with them and became their roo. My large Brahma actually allowed it to sleep under her for about a month. He thought he was a chicken lol. No mice. Its all how raised. I can raise a pitbull just as sweet as a yorkie. I quickly learned to watch animal behavior and if I stay comsistent, my entire group, including 4 dogs, consider the chickens the boss. More allergic to cats the older I get but honestly, if I don't react, my animals don't. I have owned almost every type of animal....
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