how do I get my chickens to sleep on their roost?


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Nov 7, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and very new to owning chickens! We brought our six 12 week old chickens home a week and a half ago and are all getting used to each other just fine :)

My only concern is that they aren't sleeping on their roost. They all huddle together in the doorway or the middle of the coop. How do I get them to want to sleep on their roost? Is this something they'll figure out in time or do I have to try to teach them?

from Washington State!

It is common for them to not like to roost until several months old. It helps to have the roosts higher than the nestboxes, also.

They will figure it out on their own but you can always place them up there if you wish to see if they will begin to roost there.
What breed of chickens do you have? I have silkies and they dont like roosting, Ive read that this can be a Silkie behaviour though! I added 5 new girls to my flock a fortnight ago and they too sleep in a bundle by the door they look all squashed but they dont want to roost or even spead out and its had me perplexed too. My new girls dont seem to want to leave the run either and arent the most inquistive or affectionate of chickens either but Im hoping this is something that will change in time.
Usually just takes time.
I put the roosts high and let instinct take over. If you want add a "training roost" about halfway up and they should get the message.
Silkies, they are unusual. They seem to love makig a fuzzball in front of the door.
I guess it's cute
Thanks everyone! I don't have silkies, rather 2 ameracauna's, 2 australorps, and 2 wyandottes. We did try placing them on the roost for two nights, but on the third night they were on to us and moved to the middle of the coop where we couldn't reach them! Thanks again!


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