how do i get my group back together again!?


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
I showed a couple pairs of quail at the far recently. I keep my breeders in quads, so 2 females were left home alone. when i brought the golden pair back, 1 of the females that stayed home turned on all of them (including the hen she had stayed with) and is chasing and pecking and jump kicking them. i took her out and let the 3 settle in (no problems), tried adding her back in, pain in the ass again, pulled her out, tossed her in with the jumbos, thinking they might teach her some humility, the one hen wholloped her when she tried to pull that crap on them... so she was sitting in a corner all by herself, i thought maybe she had calmed down.... nope, same problems... how do i get this dang bird to blend in again!? I've tried moving the whole quad to a box to introduce them but nope, she is just determined to kick the crap outta everyone, no matter who it is, or where they are.

Its incredibly frustrating as she is the best hen (best golden for that matter) that i've got and was completely fine till now! She is the biggest and has finally gotten to the weight that i want the goldens to be at so i really want to get some babies out of her. At 11oz I'm proud of that, and it would be a shame to have to start over again.
You can try putting them in a different cage/environment all together OR put the two birds in a separate cage next to the two hens for a while until they get accustomed to each other again.
will see if i can find a cage with a see through divider... I have tried a completely different environment, that didnt work so well either, shes such a little brat!!!
I've ran into similar problems myself. I wont mix quail if they wasn't raised together and if I separate some I leave them separate saves me a lot of trouble

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