How do I get ready to show.


8 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Ok, now that I've got a couple of chickens good enough to show, what do I do next?
Do I just sign up a week or so early and take my birds there on the day of the show?
Do I have to contact someone from the State and have the birds tested or will they do that at the show before it starts?
Does one wash their birds before going to the show?
What else do I have to do that I don't even have the slightest idea about?
Rules about testing varies by state. What State are you in?

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Welcome to showing. I am not an eggspert but hav been to a few shows here in and around nc. Youi can have the state come out and test them for you once a year or have just the ones you show tested at the showgrounds before each show even if they were tested previously at another show. Which show do u hav ur sites set upon? I do wash mine @ a week prior to the show. I pic a warmer sunny day because I dry mine in the sun out of the wind. I fill plastic tubs w warm water deep enuf to cover their backs and wash one bird at the tyme. I soak/wash in one tub rinse in another. Sometimes I use a tad bit of soap. Sometimes not.
NC Giants and Jims Farm,
Thanks for the replies,
I'm only aware of the shows at Morgantown, the Foryst show in Winston-Salem during spring and fall,
and one in Smithfield during the fall.
If you know of any others I would appreciate learning of them.
Have someone come out and test all your birds. You will need to send a copy of the NPIP papers in with the entry form. I would send in the entry form a month early so you'll be sure to get in. Have your birds nice and tame. Handle them daily. Trim beaks and nails as needed. I usually do this about twice a week. I also bathe mine a week before the show. There are good YouTube videos on how to bathe your birds. I keep all my birds seperate from each other to help keep down feather damage. Be sure to deworm and de-mite. That was my biggest fear when I went to my first show. I was afraid the judge would find a mite. LOL Any other questions, ask away.
Thanks farm girl01,
I found a email address for NC and notified them of my need for NPIP.
If I have to send in a application a month before the show I'm already late.
But, someone said that they would do it before the show at the location of the show.
Is that correct or not?
If someone can test them at the show, thats great. I always send my entry form in early. I just can't help it. LOL I have also found that the show sec's. are very helpful and you might give them a ring for that shows details.
The only breed I have so far is Large fowl SC RIR.
I have just started and haven't shown anything yet.
I've been to several shows and it is contagious.
Chicken Math is tugging at me, some of those bantams are adorable.

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