How do I get the light off in the coop? They are scared of the dark.


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Apr 26, 2011
When we moved our chickens outside it was still cold at night so we put a heat light out in the coop. We have since switched to a 40 w. bulb to make it a little dimmer. Our problem is every time I try to turn the light out in the evening (it is off during the day) they all freak out--not to mention, we can't get them into the coop at night if it is dark in the coop. What do I do?
try a child's night light...i have read that on hear when u r weaning them off the lights in the coop...night light should just put enough light out that if they fall off the roost or something they can see to get back up. hope that helps some!
Hope that fixes the issue! Mine r hopefully moving out to the new coop and run next weekend...and they r babies and cry when I have tried to turn the lights out at night in the basement! silly little fuzz butts!
I'm going through a similar issue. The nightlight does not throw enough light to avoid "the freakout". I got a 7watt spiral(40 watt equivalent) red party bulb. I'm going to try moving down to a 15 watt clear bulb tomorrow.
Same issue last night when i went to turn the light off to start teaching them when day and dark is they were sleepin when i turned off the light and didnt freak tonight it was dark outside and they were all running around and eating and i turned it off they all sounded like i was killing them, i didnt know if they would stop after a little bit so i left it off is this a good idea will they quite down and get use to it or chirp all night and attract raccoons or etc.... should i go back out and turn it on or just leave it off??
Too late this time, for for future note. The last night or two in the comfort and security of the brooder, try to acclimate them to darkness and the absence of heat lamps.

That way, the move to the coop doesn't include three new experiences at once, darkness, cooler temps and a new surroundings. They'll adjust, it is just a lot to process for them all at once, perhaps.
They don't usually freak out for very long once the light is off - you'll hear them all talking about it, sometimes loudly, but they WILL settle down. It takes them about 2 weeks to learn that dark at night in the coop is OK. And you might have to train them where you want them to sleep, too. I had to actually wait till dark, then go out and place them all on the roost for about 2 weeks before they got it. They kept thinking I would take them back into the house, under a light, if they all bunched up and slept on the floor at the door of the coop! Silly chicks - now they are almost old enough to lay. I keep asking them where my brown eggs are! I may have to train them to use the new nest boxes! Can I add 'chicken trainer' to my list of specialties?
well we had them in the horse barn since they were day olds they are about 4-5 weeks old or so now we turned off the heat lamp a week ago which made it darker in the back room with just a normal house light balb on 24/7 and grandpa started complaining about his electricity costs lol so i thought they were old enough to learn night from day so it wasent all diff kinds of new experiences just taht one there just freakin out loudly feel kinda bad!!
I have been letting the chicks go to the "Big Coop" for the day and at night time they gather around the box I use to bring them in. Tonight they went in the box, ready to come in to the brooder. I spoiled them because I lost nine Chick's to Black Rock Squirrels. I shot all of the squirrels and put up more netting, so this week end they will be in the coop for good. When they get back to the brooder they drop right off to sleep. How funny to watch.

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