HOW do I get them outside?

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    Hi -

    I'm putting the cart before the horse here, as I haven't even gotten my chicks yet (these will be my first), but.... When I DO take them outside to forage and "romp" do I just put them in a box of some sort and cart them outside or carry a few out at a time or??? My brooder is 2x4 plywood and I don't want to herniate myself trying to lift it and get it out the door. Also should I have some sort of fenced in play area set up ahead of time for them.? I can't picture myself chasing 16 chicks that may decide to go every which way. I thought babysitting twins was bad - HA!! I just want to be prepared.

    Thanks for your help.
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    you can always use a cardboard box

    I wouldn't be taking them outside unless they are feathered out really well.

    Mine are outside but they have a hen to cover them, while the other chicks I have that are not
    with a hen will remain indoors until fully feathered or enough to keep them selves warm.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    A big box and someone to help. You'll get a good workout chasing and catching them when it's time to come in.
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    Feb 6, 2012
    Once the chicks are feathered out I put them outside, under milk crates for the first few trips. On the fourth or fifth day I layed the crate on its side. The chicks didn't get far from it. When its time to go in I catch a couple and put them in the crate. Their peeps bring the others right up to the crate for easy loading. Easy cheese. Good luck!
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    Apr 9, 2012
    Our chicks are a bit over 2 weeks old now and we began taking them outside three or four days ago. We only have 4 chicks, but what I do is take them out of their brooder and place them into a big rubbermaid (the rubbermaid was their first brooder that they just outgrew). I then put a chicken wire "lid" on top to keep them from flying out. Then I carry the box into the backyard and set them loose! We sit down in the grass with them and they hop all over us, run around, test their wings and forage. So far, they stay right near us... wandering no more than a couple of feet away. They are so funny to watch! :)
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    Apr 9, 2012
    Oh and we stay out for maybe 20-30 minutes before bringing them back in to their brooder. We're in Florida and it's in the 80's.
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    Mine are now 6 weeks old, and I carry each chick one by one outside. It takes forever, but I spend time with them as I carry them. I took a dog x pen, and covered the top with chicken wire. It has a doorway, so I can put them in and take them out. It is really warm here now, so they spend the days out in the pen in the shade of some trees. This weekend, they are moving into the big coop.
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    Our 7 chicks are 2 weeks old, I take them out everyday when it gets up to 80 degrees. I made a little covered pen to put them in. I move it over a nice spot with a little grass and sand for dusting. They are hilarious to watch. The grandkids nicknamed one Pigpen for her dusting skills.
    At first we sat in the yard with them loose but the hawks were way to interested. They are my biggest worry.
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    Never worry about thinkng too mch ahead! You can never be too prepared! :) Something you could do for all ages of birds is the invest in a small foldable "dog pen" of sorts. I ave one that take literally 2 seconds to put up/ take down and love it! And for the trnsporting of the chicks, you can just use a box or plastis bin without the cover. Hope that helps.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    We have 6 week old chickens who are now what I like to call 'broom trained'. [​IMG]

    Since they were younger I have gotten a green broom out to tap them on the butt and shoo them where I wanted them. Now when I pick up the broom they run outside like maniacs! It's a little harder to get them to come back in because they love it, but they will within 3-4 minutes usually if I just get the broom and walk slowly with them. =)

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