How do I introduce my pullets in with my cockerel?


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
I have OB 4 month old cockerel in coop by himself I have 3 barred rock pullets that i bought 2 days ago thy are 2 months old and wanted to put them in with him, I need ideas how, do i just put them in their at night during roost is it the same process with hens? Thanks
If they are similar in size then I'd put them together in the morning when you have some time to watch. My roosters all transitioned well into my coops with my hens after they matured enough to mount and crow. My pullets and hens all just ignored him. I would wait until the pullets are at least as big as my cockerel. A smaller cockerel is fine too. Also If at all possible put them in pens where they have a little contact between the wire. I always mix my coops early in the morning so the are a little groggy and then I can watch, I haven't had any issues except the normal pecking order, and a couple bullies that I separate for 5 minutes then put them back.

Hope this helps,
Thanks I havn't put them in their yet hes lil bigger than them since hes a buff orp, so im wait couple more months then introduce them, they stay in a small pen next to him so they should be able to bond that way right?

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