How do I keep fresh hathclings from knocking other eggs around?

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    I had my first experience with hatching last weekend...and I'm most likely hooked. :) I had 5 eggs and of them, 2 hatched. After the first one hatched, she flopped around and knocked one of the other eggs that hadn't pipped yet into another egg. It put a large hole in the egg. I wasn't sure if I should try to help it. When I woke up the next morning I could see the little guys beak sticking out so he tried to get out but couldn't :( I was really disappointed because clearly it was a perfectly healthy chick but I wasn't there to help him out. Had I seen his beak out and moving I would've tried to gently get him out...but it is what it is, and there's nothing I can do now. Anyway, I have 17 more set to go into lockdown on Wednesday. Since I have two incubators I'm going to split them up. I thought about putting wet paper towel down, but wouldn't that suck up the humidity after a while? I just don't want to lose anymore babies because of this. TIA for any help
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    I just recently hatched 20 eggs and i know what you mean by the knocking around, Went to bed one night and woke up to 6 new chicks and the remaining eggs all over the place..
    Everytime an egg hatched the chick chirping and stumbling around would cause a few if not more of the other eggs to start wiggling and pipping.. Some of my eggs had pipped and I could see the beak for up to 24 hours and sometimes a bit longer... Hatching is a process and sometimes to fully hatch my eggs would take a full day or so.. Had you helped you may or may not have been able to save the chick. they have to have time to absorb the blood and yolk
    I had the rubber shelf liner down, I didnt like the idea of the paper towel because I thought I had read the chicks couldnt get a firm footing and could end up being straddle legged
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    This is why I hatch in paper egg cartons now. It keeps the eggs from getting knocked around and catches most of the mess (a definite plus if you have a styrofoam bator). If you use the cartons, cut a hole in the bottom for air flow and always set them fat end up. Simply pitch them in the trash when you're done.
    And a little FYI, it is normal for the eggs to get moved around. By the time the chicks start pipping, everyone should be in proper position. Next time, leave the lid on your incubator. Everytime you open it humidity escapes, which jeopardizes your unhatched eggs. Newly hatched chicks can stay in the incubator up to 3 days without food and water, don't even open the lid for cute, fluffy chicks (easier said than done, I know). Happy hatching :)
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