how do I know if a egg can be put in hatcher

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    Jul 7, 2010
    how do I know if a egg can be put in hatcher, are all eggs furtil if there is a rooster in the coop.

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    It depends on a few things. How many hens and roosters do you have? One rooster can normally keep at least 10 to 12 hens fertile, sometimes many more. It depends on his age, health, and vigor.

    You cannot tell if an egg is fertile without cracking it open, so you cannot hatch it. This link will tell you how to check to see if an egg is fertile. Sometimes you have to gently turn the cracked egg over to see the bull's eye. If one egg from a hen is fertile, odds are other eggs of hers are fertile.

    Fertile Egg Pictures

    I just check a few eggs when I eat them. If those are fertile, I assume all are and just grab a bunch to hatch. Hope this helps.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    I agree with Ridgerunner.

    You can also just put some in and candle them at 5-7 days. ...I prefer 10-12 days... and you can see which ones are developing.

    BTW - love your name !![​IMG]
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