How do I know if chickens are eating eggs?

A sign of chickens eating eggs is like eggs shells here and there and sometimes yolk on their combs, but in the winter chickens don't lay much because they usually molt around fall and winter and use all their protien to grow in their feathers that would normally go to the eggs.
I have a problem with eggs being eaten also. Unfortunately I don't know how many eggs are being laid daily (seeing as it is winter) so I can't assess "how bad" it is. I got 2 eggs from my 5 hens today and a third egg shell was on the ground. The eggs were cold so they were layed a while ago.
Since me and my sister ran a egg business we had to make sure no one was wasting eggs. We took a wood carved egg and slipped it into the laying box. After that no one ate eggs. Right now lots of our laying hens are molting, so look fully feathered in but they still haven't layed except for 1 of the 6. Now she stopped laying I don't know why but maybe she just wants a winter break...

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