How do I know if I have fertile wood duck eggs?


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11 Years
Apr 9, 2008
La Center, Wa
I got 5 wood duck eggs last week from on e of my hens. I removed them from the pen because she laid them in the dog house not in one of the nest boxes and it has started snowing here again. I was worried about the weather.

I had great success last year hatching in the incubator. I was just wondering how do I know if they are fertile. It is now going on 7 days in the bator and I am not seeing any veins. This leads me to believe that they wern't fertile.

Anyone have any suggestions? Please let me know thanks


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Well, I know it will be difficult to do - but you might want to crack one open and look for the little bullseye. I know how you feel - I am going to start incubating today for fertility checks and my worst fear is that none of them are fertilized yet. None of my wild ducks are laying yet, so mine aren't as valuable as yours, but it is still hard to waste a little life if you don't have to.

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