How do I know they are OK?


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Nov 7, 2009
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Hi all
I tried introducing two 1 day old chicks to my broody hen yesterday and she tried to kill them! So now I have 2 little peepers in a box with a light source, food and water. I have never done the brooder box thing as have always had a clucky hen to do the mothering. So my question is, how do I know they are comfortable and happy? They seem to be pooping ok, it's slightly greenish in colour though. They aren't particularly noisy just the odd peep now and then, Im trying to adjust the light for them, but when I think they are cool (because they are under the light) I lower the light slightly and then I see them in the opposite corner so I raise it again, is this normal behaviour? I wasn't expecting this to happen as I have never had problems introducing chicks to hens before. This hen has never had chicks before but this is her 3rd time broody. Should I try to reintroduce overnight? Im just scared I will find dead chicks in the morning?...any suggestions welcome.
I've never given chicks to a broody... I wouldn't give them back to her, but it is your choice. They will move away from the heat source and pant if they are too hot. They will huddle together if cold. Good luck.
Oh dear. Sounds like a tough decision on giving them to the broody. Hopefully someone will have input on that. If you don't hear anything, you might do some forum searches to see if someone had this problem discussed previously. As for the chicks in the brooder, they should be able to move closer in if they get cold or farther out if they get hot. If they are somewhere in between, that tells you they are at a good temp and can move if things change. Good luck.

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