how do i know what to do when?

bj taylor

8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
North Central Texas
my very first babies come in two long do the babies stay in the brooder (i will have 12)? is that when they feather out? how do i know when they're feathered enough? why do they go to a grow out pen instead of their coop? is that to keep them from other birds (i will have no others at this point)?, when can i put them in the coop & say 'enjoy'? when do i start letting them out in their run during the day (assuming it's warm)?
their coop is very nice digs, but i don't want to put them in there too soon if i'm supposed to be doing something else with them first.


11 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
You can let them have outdoor time any time the daytime temperature is warm enough, even though they may not be feathered out. They will need shelter from direct sun as well as cool breezes as they won't have feathers to regulate body temperature until four or five weeks.

After you have a flock of adults, you can install the small ones in an outdoor pen inside the main run to get them all used to one another. I usually open small pop holes into the main run a week before I plan on moving them into the coop with the adults. They can run back into their safe enclosure if chased or bullied. You won't have this issue until your next round of chick raising. You'll be able to move these chicks right into the coop around five or six weeks.

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