How do i know?!?!?!

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    i have a silkie and i am very sure its a hen. i hatched her last year and the only one to hatch. she was hatched in mid june. i would really like to know if she is laying eggs. i have 2 other silkies and one hen is older and than we have a mid age rooster. all three are white and purebred. so my question is how do i know if the youngest is laying? i have been seeing about 2-3 eggs a day from the silkies and i dont know if its just the the older one laying that much or if the younger hen is takeing part in the egg laying?
    thanks a lot!,
  2. aoxa

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    If you want to know, put food colouring on the younger hens vent in the morning. The egg will have streaks of colour on the egg. I have not tried this. I usually find out by checking every hour on the weekends to see who is nesting.
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    You could put a drop of food coloring in her vent, when the egg comes out it will marked with that color.
  4. silkielover1731

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    my neighbor has tried this before and said it did not work... any other ideas?
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    May 4, 2010
    Cloverdale, CA
    maybe it didn't work cuz the hen wasn't laying HA!

    (so if that's the case - it DID work)..

    (LOL just kidding)
  6. aoxa

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    A coop cam?
  7. silkielover1731

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    there is no electirc out there yet intill hopefully this summer when we finally build the horses dream barn...........

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