How do I manage spurs?


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Jul 18, 2010
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Okay, so my two boys are growing up very quickly and it is a powerstruggle everyday, don't get me wrong, not between the two of them but between them and me

I have noticed that they are starting to grow spurs, which I knew was coming I had just hoped that it would take a little longer.

My question is: Can I manage the size of their spurs? and if so what would be the best way of doing so?
Do they have nerve endingd in them or are they like nails?
Any input is appreciated.
Thanks for reading this.
I have done this a few times and it works great everytime. Take 2 baked potatoes and stick them on each spur, I was told to hold it on for 3-5 minutes but it only took about 2 for my rooster. Slowly pull the potatoe off and the spur should come with it, if not you can gently pull it off by hand. With mine there was very little blood, and it healed itself. There should be a smaller spur in the place of the bigger spur. The little ones on my roosters havent grown but if it doesnt continue growing just repeat with the potatoe.

Do not cut the spur off, there are many nerves in the spur and it would cause a lot of pain, it will also bleed alot.
They are fairly simple to remove.

Use a pair of pliers and firmly hold the spur near the base/leg.

Twist the spur and it actually will come off like a sleeve.

**Be sure you have some blood stop handy, sometimes it may bleed, other times not at all.

One of our 4-H kids did this as his presentation at the fair. He was 8 yrs old and did a fantastic job.
I have heard this should only be done if you know what your doing, because if not done right it can cause a lot of pain JMHO
Do all roos get spurs? I have a black australorp roo that's now 6 mo old. He has a small bump on the outer back of each leg. Is this going to grow into a spur? I didn't notice this on any of my girls.
Just as a side note, if you remove the spurs off a show bird, the judges frown upon that. Some folks do that to "cheat" but using an much older, mature bird (cock) and entering it as a younger bird (cockerel).
I am going to watch this thread with great interest. I have been wondering the same thing.

What does the baked potato actually do? Not a hot one surely? Does the moisture just soften it and how long do you leave it on? Mine do not have spurs yet but I have been dreading the day. They still have very slowly growing bumps and they are 24-25 weeks. At this rate I think they would have to be a year old or so to have spurs.

If the potato works it seems like it would be the least painful way to remove one, just sayin'......

***duh, sorry, saw where you said 3-5 minutes!
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silly question- how do you keep your roo quiet while the potatos are on him?

I just hold him tighly and covered his eyes, mine held pretty still.

Yes its a hot potatoe, just just used gloves so I didnt burn my hand. I also didnt stick it right up against the leg so I didnt burn him either.

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