How do I prepare duck eggs for incubation. Help!!


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Oct 19, 2018
So today we sadly lost one of our ducks.We really want his genes in the duck family. So tonight I think I'm going to start to incubate the eggs. Questions: The eggs are cold is it okay?They are really muddy should I clean them off with a DRY cloth? Should I spray them with water before they go in? Please help?!?!


Mar 25, 2018
Rural Ontario
Remove any large chunks of mud/debris with a dry cloth, some people wash their eggs in a listerine dip prior to incubating but I never have. Make sure the eggs are room temperature before you place them in the incubator or they will form condensation which is not good. How long were they cold for? I know some people have had luck incubating eggs that have been refridgerated so I would not consider that a deal breaker but if you are in the north where they have been below zero days (Celsius) and they have been outside for more than a day that would not be optimal. Good luck!! I love baby ducks

Oh in terms of listing there is no need to do that right away. I have only done that twice while incubating ducks and have found it did not change the hatch rate from non sprayed eggs

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