How Do I Screen Out Those Who Want to Eat them?


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Mar 30, 2011
I am trying to find a home for the two rooster chicks I have raised. I am wanting them to go to a home together, since they are brothers, a No-Kill home that is predator-free. I have posted an ad to the effect in my area, and tonight I got a phone call, but I am suspicious the caller wants my roosters for dinner! I asked him a lot of questions and have an appointment to view his set-up.

Does anyone know whether animal sanctuaries take in roosters?

Ideally I'd like to find a home for my roosters near my own home, so I can visit them and take them good food and treats, and make sure they are being well cared for. The man who called said he already has 50 roosters, but he is a Spanish speaker, so he may have misunderstood... I tried to explain that you should have no more than one rooster per 10 hens, and he thought that was a city ordinance, not a rule for the welfare of the hens. So he's not too well educated about chickens, and that scares me.

I'm wondering what are some good questions to ask those who call interested in my roosters, to weed out the folks who wouldn't make good owners.

I asked him whether any of his chickens had died, and he said a few had died of the cold this winter. That is weird, because it hasn't been that cold here. He lives not too far from me, which is good.

I asked if he had a coop, and he didn't know what that was, but when I asked about a chicken house, he said he had one. He said he feeds them scratch and pellets.

When I asked if he would eat my roosters, he said he wanted eggs. He claimed he had a lot of hens, but I thought he said he had 60 chickens, so if he has 50 roosters, that is only 10 hens. But that may have been the language barrier. I'm pretty sure the town he said he lives in does not allow chickens. Unless his property is grandfathered in...
So I am going to mosey over there and check it out.

Any other good ideas out there as to how I might best go about finding quality homes for my boys. I have several weeks, I think, before I have to give them away (when their hormones kick in). They are crowing already.

Pablo did say he realizes that roosters can fight, and that mine would need to be separated from his for a period of time. Mine are 14 weeks old. He said his were 2-3 years old, and then said, or a couple of months. So who knows what that means? Maybe I should try to find a native English speaker to take my boys, to alleviate my own separation anxiety.
I thought I was posting this in the chicken forum under Pictures and Stories of my Chickens, but somehow it ended up here! I am afraid to repost it in the other place for fear of getting in trouble for double-posting. Is there a way to erase this and repost it in the correct forum? My eyes are getting bad and must have jumped down to this thread instead of the right one.
I would be concerned. It sounds a little weird, it could be the language barrier but your gut us usually right in these situations. If your heart says it is not the right home it probably isn't.

Good luck finding the right home for your boys.

Thank you for your concern for my welfare. I have an appointment to meet with him, but I think I'll just go snoop around on my own first.

I just had an awful thought... if he has 50 roosters... do you suppose it could be an underground cockfighting set-up? Oh, boy! Surely not. That would be an awful fate for my sweet roos.

Is there any problem with keeping 3 roosters, if I can? I have one adult hen, 2 14 week old normal sized hens, and one 14-week old bantie hen. Would there be a way to protect my girls from the roosters hitting on them too much? Separate runs, or something, for the roos?
Lol.. I just saw your post about this being in the wrong place. That is too funny... Being in the family life category and the title being about screening out the ones who want to eat them. Lol.
I don't know that finding someone who's more fluent in English is going to mean they are in any better of a home, as chickens don't speak English anyway, however....

If you have a gut feeling that something just isn't right, I wouldn't let them go to that home. Aside from being eaten, they may also be used for fighting. Talking to people on the phone gives you a good idea of their demeanor and if you feel uneasy based on their tones, then you probably should hold back. Telling people you would like to do a home visit before you give them away, to see where they will live, will give you a better sense of security too. It will deter those who do not intend to keep them. You may be looking for a good home for a long time though, since roosters are hard to rehome. Good luck, I hope you're able to find a good home that you're comfortable with. I've sold several chickens and all of them have went to good homes I believe. The people were excited to get them and asked me a lot of questions about them and sometimes even drove quite a distance for them. Those are good signs.

ETA: IF you are doing a home visit, DO NOT go alone! When you go with someone else, tell others where you are also. It's not a bad idea to have someone on your phone listening when you get there. Can't be too careful!
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Thanks, Melodie.

The problem is, I'm so protective of my boys I am afraid that my hear t will never say it is the right home for them. :>)
We kept our two extra roos in a bachelor pad. They did fine together in a seperate run. They really only had a problem with each other when they were in with the girls. I did finally find them a home with a breeder. One went to a breeding pwn with his own three hens and the other went to a barnyard mix pen with 56 hens. The lady said he didn't know what to do with himself!
With 4 hens, I'd put the boys in their own separate run if I could. Bachelor pens, they call them. Usually the boys will get along ok if they don't have girls to fight over.

That way they won't overbreed the girls.

I am with the others in that if you feel something is wrong with that potential home, there probably is. Forgive me for lecturing you but I really care.

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