How do I tame my killer rooster??

I use to have a Roo named Nugget too!

He was a devil and we killed him.
Have you tried petting him every night, Giving and bringing many favorite treats, and perhaps showing him who is boss? ( I have to do this a lot since we have a hormonal young cockerel, you have to dance at him, crow, act manly etc. )
Good luck!
I have a rooster named rooster nugget who was fine until a few weeks ago when he started trying to kill me. He is also attacking my family and that is bad. How do I tame him to be more kind to us.
I'd tame him with an axe and invite him for dinner.

Some people have had success pinning them to the ground. I haven't tried. I would just refuse to keep a jerk.

I have 13 cockerels. All but one is destined for freezer camp. If number 13 is a jerk, he will join them.

The rooster that I have now has never tried to attack me. He is two years old. I did not try to turn him into a pet. He watches me, but shows no agression. He'll come running if he hears a hen squawk, but once he sees it's because I picked her up, stepped on her foot, or kicked her out of the bucket of feed I'm trying to carry, he goes back to minding his own business.

There are plenty of nice roosters. I see no reason to keep a mean one.
It is your family that I am worried about. How old are your children? Anyone less than 6 years old can take an attack in the face.

In my opinion, he has given you his warnings, the attacks will get worse, and why would you want to keep him. Often times what happens is this WAS the darling bird, brave and appearing to be friendly, that is true in puppies and kittens, but not in chickens.

Chicken society is a very strong caste system. Each bird in the set up is either higher up or lower down, chicks that sit in you lap, is marking you as lower down.

It sounds like this is a rooster that was raised in a flock of flock mates. Where as the rooster chick out grows the pullets, becomes the biggest in the flock, and bullies everything, and expects to get his way. As he becomes more and more confident, he begins to take on bigger and bigger things, generally children, then women and eventually men.

If you have people over, such a rooster is like any mean and unpredictable animal, a liability.

They have a brain the size of a walnut, just not much there to train. If I had children, there is no way I would risk their face and eye, on the possibility of re training this rooster... a very small possibility at this stage of the game, IMO.

Mrs K

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