How Do I Train My Rooster To Walk On A Leash?

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    Aug 28, 2012
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    I want to train my sweet RIR rooster, affectionately named Brewster the Rooster, to walk on a leash. He is very smart and already very tame. I really think he would learn if I could find out how to teach him.

    Questions I Have Been Asked Before (FAQ)

    -Q: Why Would You Want To Do This?
    -A: Because I Think It Would Be Fun To Try.

    -Q: Is He Tame Enough?
    -A: Yes, Brewster Is A Sweet Rooster Whom Is Very Tame

    -Q: Does This Hurt The Chicken Or Make It Mad?
    -A: I Don't Think This Hurts The Chicken, But Until He Gets Used To It, He May Get Mad Wearing It.

    -Q: Does It Work?
    -A: I Think It Will. I Have Seen It Work Several Other Times.

    Please show me your ways of walking a chicken. I really want (need) to learn how to do this. Please help me learn how to teach a rooster how to walk on a leash.

    Thanks for reading and please comment. [​IMG]
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    I did it for a while, with a few roosters I don't recommend it though. It took a very long time. Very slow long process.

    But, if you really want to, then here is what worked for me.
    When you training, make sure there are no distractions, (other chickens close by,or hens calling to him...)

    First you need a harness. Don't get one that will go around his neck as that can be dangerous. Get a very light rope. ( as a leash.)
    First, just let him get use to the harness. Follow him, No tugging, or pulling along. After days of this and he gets use to it. (Some never do)

    Know, you can teach him the boundaries.
    Start in the lawn where you have alot of space. Hold the leash and simply stay in one place. Let him circle you. if he freaks out when he reaches the end of the string, give a tiny tug. just a little one. after days of this. He will slowly understand that he is to walk around you in a circle. and that the end of the string means off limits. go easy, as it will take time.

    Walking With you
    Then, you will be able to walk with him, he will stay beside you. as he will know that he is to always go around you.
    You can use bread to help this part move along a bit. also Make sure you call him like ( here Brewster, come on boy. ) as you walk.

    Good Luck, I hope it works out for you.
    Please remember, he will never walk long distances like a dog. So don't plan on taking him for a walk to the park... :)

    Let me know how it goes, or if you have questions.

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