How do I use the 5 gallon bucket for water

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Can someone explain to me how I go about setting up the 5 gallon bucket for water? Also do I place the feeder and water outside or inside the coop. I just put them outside in the coop yesterday. Any other suggestions for a watering system?
Go do a search for poultry nipples. They are small devices that you can screw into the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. It makes for much easier watering once the chickens learn to use them.

I leave my water in the coop. They know where it's at and it's always filled.
Cheap and fast you can invert any bucket into any bigger container.
Oil drainage pan from auto supply store, or even a dishpan will work as long as it is larger by a couple inches all around then the 'bucket' is.
I used a plastic bucket in which I poked holes down from the open top as deep as I wanted the water to be. I used a hot nail awl.
Five gallons is a little big for me as you fill it by filling the bucket, putting the pan over the top, and turning it upside down, or right side up depending on how you think of it.
The water will then bubble out of the bucket into the pan until the water level reaches to the holes.
I used a bucket with a lid. Drilled 1 hole, 1 inch diameter (big enough to feed garden hose through) about 1 inch from bottom of bucket. The pan is 4 inches deep. An oil pan or galvanized feed pan or whatever. Simply invert bucket to fill through hole with hose and flip bucket into pan. The lid has to be air tight for this to work. Works great though!
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