How do I use this incubator???

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    So my grandmother brought me a Little Giant still air incubator. They haven't used it in 5/6 years. It was pretty nasty so I wiped the turner with a damp towel and vacuumed out the bottom of the tray. I know that there are supposed to be two red plugs in the top, but she didn't have them. So instead I but two nickels on the holes as I have seen some people do. Do you ever take those off? Why or why not?

    I put my thermometer in there and it's already heated to 99.5 degrees. I do NOT have a humidity monitor. It has a water tray in the bottom; do I just keep that filled when it dries up? How often should I refill?

    I know you put the eggs in the turner little end down, right? The turner only rocks from side to side; and I'm worried it doesn't turn enough. Do I just leave it or should I hand turn them anyway?

    Thanks for reading my stupidity, haha! I've only ever hatched under broodies before!

    Btw, the light at the top goes off and on every once in a while... Is that alright? It may just be the bulb because it's old...?

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    The only stupid question is the one not asked.

    The red plugs control the air flow. I would leave one uncovered. The temp is good, monitor it for about a week before you add any eggs. If the temp hold for a week you should be good to go. As far as humidity goes. Without a humidistat you can't accurately measure the humidity. But these are pretty much designed to run just with water in the pan below and be ok for the most part "could add a damp sponge when hatching to bump up the humidity". Just keep it full. You'll probably have to add water at least every other day. The egg turner will turn the eggs enough to keep them from sticking. I personally would hand turn duck, goose, turkey, or peafowl eggs though. But for chickens you should be fine. Also watch the turner for the "prep" week as well so make sure it is turning. The red light on top is the indicator light. It goes on/off with the element as its heating or not.
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    May 19, 2014
    Thank you! You are a life saver!
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    That is the 9200 which is the model that I use to hatch and have been using it for two years. Mine does not have the plugs either, but I don't use them anyway. I keep mine open from day one. I have the turner, but no longer use it as I prefer to hand turn, but yes, the tilt is sufficient for turning. You have still air, which the recommended temps on those are 101-102F with teh temps taken at the top of the eggs. As for humidity, I highly recommend picking up a hygrometer. Many use the cheaper ones that you find in the reptile section of the pet stores and love them. I highly recommend a LOW humidity incubation if you are not in a high elevation and monitoring the air cells to know if and when to adjust. I run dry if possible (as long as it's above 25%) and don't add water to the wells until day 18. If it's real dry and doesn't hold 25% w/o water I add a wet sponge and it holds it around 30% which is what I prefer.

    I use this method for humidity:

    And overall:

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