How do they just dissapear?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
So yesterday I had to move my 5 week olds to the big coop because of the heat. I was completely surprised the big girls took right to them- thought I was going to have a fight on my hands. But everything went fabulous. I did have to help them into the coop last night- which was simple because they are used to me handling them. I let everyone out and the babies decided to stay in the coop with the feeder, which was fine with me. My neighbor just had turkeys hatch, so I drove the 5 minutes to her house, stayed for 15, drove the 5 minutes back. First thing I did when I got home was go and check my chicks. One is gone
I've looked everywhere. Turned the coop and run upside down and its just gone. No feathers, no peeping.......nothing. I even took another chick out and walked around with it peeping hoping it would help me find the lost one. I'm so upset- I've put alot of time and money into these chicks- so it really sucks to loose one and not even know what happened to it. Im praying its just exceptionally good at hiding and they're all secretly enjoying some cruel inside joke I've missed. But because I love all of them so- I don't expect it to come back
I guess I just needed to vent to someone who understands. All my DH had to say was "well, that stinks- but you've got like 20 more....." what a crappy start to my day
Sorry for your loss. I hope you can still find it. Do you free range? (I am assuming so.) Perhaps it is stuck in a tree or some other 'safe' tucked away spot. Guys just do not understand!
I'm so sorry I hope you find your chick~ how were the others acting when you got home~ Did the other baby chicks look startled at all??
I do free range the big girls- but they've been locked in the run b/c of the babies moving in. They were in the coop when I left them- looking happy as can be
Nope- they were scratching away and came running to the door as soon as they saw me. If they had seemed startled, my first thought would be snake. But my big girls are hard on the snake population around here. I've seen them pick at a very large black snake and kill it- a few more minutes after that and you couldn't even tell there had been a snake. I just have no idea what happened to the poor baby
They aren't in an actual pen- they are in the coop from which they can access the run. My run is very large. It chainlink and I have chicken wire around the bottom to prevent such escapes. The chick could very well be hiding somewhere in that run. I checked as best I could but I'm not as good at seeking as they are hiding.
that I go back at some point and its decided to come back to its buddies.
Hmm, and you'r positive there's no little cranny's they could have squeezed out from?
Hope you can find it, maybe it's been startled and is just hiding, try setting out some food outside the pen.
These chicks are LF Cochin- they're pretty big. Im sure there is no way they could have escaped the run. The birds only come out when I let them out
It is very hot again today (97°) so I'm hoping its resting in the shade trying to keep cool. That's what the rest of the birds are doing- including the remaining babies in the coop.
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