How do u keep humiditt up during lockdown?

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6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
My incubator is a Little giant, with auto turner, but doesnt hve fan, i have 6 RIR eggs in their now its only day 5, but i have hatch a bunch of eggs in this incubotor & only have 2 hatch out of like 10, they all are fertile moving up until lockdown, the himidity is fine until lockdown it drops, i put a bowl of warm water in it with a 2 small sponges and it still goes down, maybe it has to much air flow? Im thinking thats what it is, my temp is 99.5 all the way thro, humidity stays between 58-61, i hve decided to keep red caps in until lockdwn tke one off. Idk wht else to do then that, any other ideas be good, i am ordering a fan befor my next hatch tho!! Thanks
If you still have humid weather in your area in a few weeks, I would open the house up. I accidently brought my humidity up to almost 56% the other day when I wanted a little fresh air (I'm in North Central FL) I know it sounds strange, but it might be worth a try. Maybe that along with the water and sponges will help.

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