How do u tell diff b/t speckled suss chick and ee.. or BR and Dominiqu


10 Years
Aug 18, 2009
Ok so I got my chicks and I need to know how to tell the diff bt them. I got an assortment and I can't tell the diff bt speckled sussex and EE or Barred Rocks and Dominiques. Any suggestions?
Barred rocks & dominiques ought to be black with a white spot on their head. EEs often have muffs, which will give them fluffy faces, they also often have green or yellow legs. Speckled Sussex, in US, have chipmunk stripes.

Barred Rocks ought to have single combs, I think dominiques ought to have rose combs (I've never seen a dominique), most, but not all, EEs have a pea comb, Sussex ought to have single comb.
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In principle you can tell by the combs - but if this is mail order hatchery stock there may be a certain amount of 'wait til they get older to be certain'

Some of your chipmunk striped chicks could also be brown leghorns, so there's another breed to try and figure out

Dominiques have rosecombs, BR have straight. I thought I had 3 BR until a got a better look....

EE could have beards and muffs, so that's another way to tell. A lot of people (I assume you got an MPC rainbow order?) that have gotten EE lately have gotten ones that aren't chipmunk striped.

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