How Do Y'all Keep Your Duck Pool Clean Longer?


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Jan 10, 2020
Hello! I have a single male Pekin duck (soon to get female tomorrow!) and he lives with my two other Rhode island red hens. They free roam most of the day, but he does have access to a pool that we put in their run. It's a 125-gallon koi pond. And we actually have a sand pool filter hooked up to it now haha (in picture). But I was just curious as to if there is anything else y'all do to keep the pool from getting super nasty! (Like a pool cleaner chemical or what? ) We do completely drain the pool every
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 7.30.57 PM.png
other month or so when it gets really gross. But the sand filter definitely helps a lot! (He's a very spoiled duck I know haha)
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Jun 6, 2019
I'm glad he's getting a friend! Beware of the potential of over-mating. Males usually need at least 3 females so they don't do damage to the one.

I have a little pond like this in my duck run. It's frustrating how quick it gets dirty! We dug out the ground and put it level with the dirt, put a drain in it, attached piping, and it drains outside the run in a ditch we dug. We change the water everyday, spray it out, and refill it with fresh water. It's super easy and takes about 15 minutes altogether. Every few weeks I try to use a bleach water solution and give it a good scrub as the sides get yucky. My ducks have a water bowl, but drink out of the pond continually, so I like to keep it as clean as possible. You will probably need a strategy for more frequent water changes and cleanings as you add more ducks, but it will be fun to see them enjoy the water - my ducks have the most fun when I give them the fresh fill :)


Aug 7, 2018
San Antonio
I had a filter with a fountain head for our pool. Water aeration like that is very helpful. I had to wash the filter every 4 days or so, but it was worth it. We also put in pond scum preventatives from the petstore. Essentially, it is barley and beneficial bacteria that eat sludge. That is really helpful.

Otherwise, empty, rinse, repeat!


Aug 28, 2016
Memphis, TN
I just use small pools and change the water daily but I like your system. I am wondering if a living filter would help. During the warmer months you could pump the duck water to a second pool outside of their pen. If you filled this pool with water plants and maybe a few fish for mosquitoes the plants should use the duck poo for fertilizer and you could then pump this hopefully cleaner water through your filter back to the duck pond.
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