how do you bathe a chicken

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    I have read several posts that say to 'give her a bath' when a hen has a nasty butt, but exactly how do you manage to do that? My husband will definitely think I've gone over the edge......
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    Jan 21, 2011
    Actiully i just wait for a rain strom to come or i use a hose from a distance. [​IMG]
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    I put something non-slippery in the bottom of the sink and fill it up with water to reach the hen's back with warm not hot water and ease her in. I support her with a hand underneath and one on the back till they see it is nice. Then the biggest challenge is to keep them from relaxing too much! Dry them with a blowdryer making sure not to burn them and there you go!
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    I think using a hose from a distance is just plain inhumane. That's like hosing down prisoners or something.

    You basically bathe them in the same manner you would a dog, although if a hen simply has a dirty butt, either A) she'll take care of it herself or B) just get her butt wet and work with that.

    Bathing chickens is for showing, not for making sure a backyard pet is clean. Chickens naturally should not be bathed, they do that with dirt. [​IMG]
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    I fill the sink about half way with warm (baby bath) water, set/hold the chicken in there (firmly but gently). Generally, if the water's nice and warm, the chicken will settle down really quickly and appear to enjoy it. I just use dishwashing liquid (mild), and rub/massage the gobby areas. It's really nice if you have someone to help, but you can do it on your own. The spray nozzle (low pressure of is nice to rinse her/him off. Towel dry really well, and then either allow to house dry or blow dry. Just make sure your chicken is fully dry before going back out. [​IMG]

    Edited to clarify "hose" lol
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