How do you blow out Coturnix Eggs?

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Oct 27, 2008
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Wifezilla just reminded me in talking about how pretty their eggs are on another thread.

I have tried several times to blow their eggs out so I can wash them out and use them for projects. What I don't know, but I want some for little projects. Xmas is coming up, after all.

How do you do it? I blow out chicken eggs all the time, so I know the process.
But everytime I try to with the little Coturnix eggs, I break them. When I am holding them.

Do you have to let the shells dry out a bit first? Then how do you get them cleaned out?
Do you have to coat them with shelac first, or something?

HOW do I get it done?
Never Done It Myself, But I Have Heard Of Folks Just Setting Them In The Sun And Allowing Them To Dehydrate To Nothing.... I Dunno If It Works Tho???

Another Option, If You're Doing The Poke Hole Method Maybe You Need To Bolster Your Girls With Some Crushed Oyster For A While Before You Collect Your Craft Eggs? That Would Re-inforce The Shell As Much As Possible? Just A Thought..
I already bolster them with crushed oyster shell and dried out crushed egg shell. Their shells are good.

But I think I am just to heavy handed from hauling those 50# bags of feed all over the yard.

I might try just letting some dry out and try that.
After they are hollowed out, you can take a syringe (it would have to be a very big needle, due to the viscosity of the glue -- I actually used a special syringe and needle made for refilling inkjet printer cartridges which worked) and inject the inside of the shell through the hole with a bit of Elmer's glue, roll it around to coat, and let it just dry in there. That helps. I haven't tried with quail eggs, but it works on chicken eggs.
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Well I am going to try again.

JJMR may have a point there. I was trying when they first started laying.
I had just started them on the layer feed and I don't think I had given them their dust baths yet. I don't remember. But the extra oyster shell and egg shell I put in the dustbaths.

But I haven't tried in a while, so I'll fit it into my schedule.

Today I weighed a few 6 week olds and culled a few, and just looking at them and seeing where I want to go with them. I have several options with these birds.
And through out I am running back in and checking on the current hatch, etc. Nothing happening there yet.

Maybe for lunch I'll try blowing out a couple of 5 or 6. They are bigger now so maybe my Gorilla Paws can handle them better now and keep from crushing them while I am trying to get the Yolk out.
Here's my process, I've done quite a few this way!

First, I take the egg and wash it off. Then, I use a hypodermic syringe and poke a hole on each end. After that, I enlarge the hole in the bottom a tad, and make sure the membrane is not sealing the egg. (If there is still a membrane, the egg will explode.) Then, stick the syringe in the small end, and inject water slowly until it starts to flow, after breaking the yolk. After this, you hold it up to your face and blow it out using your mouth or you can use the syringe. (The syringe just takes longer). Then, you can rinse out the inside with the syringe and water, and let dry!

Voila! Easy as pie!
For my button eggs I get an ice pick and just poke a hole in each end and the use my mouth to blow'em out and then I run water inside the egg to get the rest of the stuff out. Then I just let dry!
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

For my button eggs I get an ice pick and just poke a hole in each end and the use my mouth to blow'em out and then I run water inside the egg to get the rest of the stuff out. Then I just let dry!

This is how I normally do it, too. I just use a big needle though instead of an ice pick. I'll try it again later and see if I have better luck.​

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