How do you catch your turkeys?


14 Years
Jun 21, 2007
Central Colorado
Last night when I went to close my turkey door, one of my hens was outside the pen. It was almost dark and she was frantic to get in with the others. Everytime I tried to get close to her she would flap her wings and fly up and then run like the wind. I couldn't herd her at all toward the gates. We did this for almost 30 minutes. I couldn't leave her out because we have foxes all around at night. By the time I finally trapped her in a corner of the neighbor's junk pile we were both exhausted. I got her back to our yard and put her in the coop, but there has to be a better way. Does anyone have any suggestions in case this ever happens again?
I move slower, and use a broom at arm's length, twisting it to give her the idea to go where I want her to, and over by the gate, I put a panel or something to help her make the easy right choice to go in.
I have a large, long handle net that I catch them with but I have to wait until after 7pm or before 6am. If they are no more than 6 ft high in any location, I can catch them. But once they get in those pecan trees, it's sooooooo long baby.
Our Burbon Reds are so friendly and curious they come to us. If you sit down close and talk calmly it will work alot better than chasing them and hollering.
The food will work wonders too.
A long stick in each hand - arms outstretched, herd sloooowwwlllly.

Depends on how they were raised (trained). Ours follow us into the run if we need them in the run. In the evenings they form up a single file line and return, from their ranging, on their own, about 15-30min. before the chooks head back to their coop.
You can herd them. You have to move very slow and put your arms out. They act as wings. Using a broom works great too. It doesn't take much movement to get the bird(s) moving in any direction. Their is also a certain distance to stay back as well. It takes some practice but eventually you will find the right spot and you will control your body movements in time. Birds can see very well so the slightest move they will react. That includes your feet as well. Have fun. It's a lot easier then picking them up...... lol.

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