How do you DIP a chicken?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by lolita117, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    Some of my girl are getting some lice and though I've been using DE as a post counter measure I've decided I need to dip my girls. I bought some concentrated Permethrin livestock and perimeter insecticide. I'll read the label on proper mixing when the time comes but I have some questions on "how to dip a chicken"

    I have 26 hens and some aren't so friendly to just let me pick them up. I bought a chicken catcher thing but I haven't got it yet so I have no idea how easy or not easy that is going to be.

    Do you use a 5 gallon bucket or is a small storage tub better?

    When you dip the chicken, do you immerse their heads?

    I know that if you do immerse the head it would only be for a second, but how long do you keep their bodies in the solution?

    Is their a better time to do this? Morning?

    I know to wait until the temp get a lot warmer. Average day time temp right now are 50's. But would a sunny mid 60's be alright or should I wait until closer to summer when it really starts warming up?

    I also know that whenever I do this if I don't spray the coop/roost/ and perimeter I'm practically inviting the pests to come back, so I'll have that covered when the times comes to.

    Thanks so much for the replies in advance. I've had chickens almost a year now, but have never tempted to dip them.
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    I would not dip the heads.

    I have actually not read a thread using a liquid solution for dipping. Does the bottle have directions for dipping? I have read about spraying. The easiest metho[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]d for using permethrin is using the powdered form on the chickens. People put the powder in an old pillow case, and then put the chicken in there up to the neck and hold it closed around the neck. Then they rub and shake the pillow case to apply the powder. [/FONT]

    The easiest time to catch chickens is when they are already roosting at dusk. Chickens have poor night vision, so if it is too dark for them to run away, you can pluck one off of the roost
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    Haven't done a search on here, but my mentor has advised me to use Ivermectin for cattle as a drop on. Try a search because I'm sure this has been discussed & would hate for you to stress your chicks too much.
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    I have dipped many chickens fill a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full hold your chicken upside down by its legs and just dip it to its legs and pullit right out and release it ...dont hold it under. you will need to catch your chickens before you start and have them in a cage so you dont redip one
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    K. Thanks. I knew people dipped their chickens. My dad said his mom used to do it every spring. but he was a little boy so he didn't remember the mechanics. What I think I'll do, though know they'll hate me for it, I'll close them up in the coop and go in a catch one at a time, take that one outside and dip them then let them go in the yard for the day.


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