How do you feel about killing your chickens

how do you feel about killing/eating your chickens

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I just wanted to see what you think, and if you have anything to add to the poll just tell me.
There are two very different answers depending on whether I raised the birds for egg laying, or whether I purposely bought straight run or meat birds. I wouldn't hesitate to humanely slaughter any bird to prevent suffering (injury/illness), but I admit it'll be hard after the end of a laying career. I have no problems butchering the cockerels or meat birds. I eat chicken, and the chicken I get at the grocery store were just as alive as the ones I butcher.


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I have felt sad (for most) but have no problem doing it.
once I decide it’s ones time to go I want to get it done with. My Dominique hasn’t laid in weeks. I have sent my wife several recipes that we are going to choose from for her. She keeps staying her execution until the fall as planned. I just want to get it done with and stop with the waste of feed.

i do my best to give my chickens a safe and good life, with free ranging, treats, a predator proof coop, and ample space in accordance with guidelines this forum.I also can spend hours just sitting outside watching them, either ranging or in the run. But in the end they are productive workers and I am willing to fire them when unproductive.


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I added those for you

Thanks. I don't like to see an animal suffer, and I don't subscribe to the "save life at all costs" philosophy. So when an end to suffering is the humane thing to do, I will do what is necessary although I certainly don't enjoy it.

As for processing for meat, I'm not qualified to do that efficiently. I don't mind eating my own birds, but we only do a few a year (which is why I'll never be good at it, lol, since practice makes perfect and I don't!). So we take them to a nice Mennonite lady in the area who processes them for $2 a head and everybody's happy. Well. Except the birds, of course. 🙄


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I'm 'ok' with it, either for meat or euthanasia for a sick bird.
Do I 'enjoy' it, not really its a lot of work and killing something should never be taken lightly.

Yep, every fall I sell or (usually)slaughter a few 2 to 3 yo hens, some get sold as stewing hens. Got to make room for new pullets (hatched here) in my limited space before hard winter sets in. Cockerels go at 12-16 weeks in early summer.

I keep chickens for food, eggs and meat,
grown under better conditions than grocery food.
Egg sales pay for their feed.
No space or resources for keeping 'pet' birds, pet budget goes to my dog.
It's a hard balance, but that's where the Romance meets Reality.


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I'm in the camp of Chickens are Livestock, Not Pets.

The hens are intended to provide eggs and gardening services through several years and then the world's finest chicken and dumplings afterward. The cockerels and, eventually, meaties, are intended for the multitude of chicken dishes we eat weekly.

Yes, the chickens are beautiful and entertaining, but we named the in-town chickens things like Noodle, Vinnie, Stew, Kiev, Sesame, etc. intentionally as a reminder that they are, ultimately, not pets. We will love them and care for them, but when the time comes we will harvest them -- humanely and with due respect.

It's not something one actually *enjoys*, in the sense that killing should never be taken lightly, but it's highly satisfying to put the chicken and dumplings on the table knowing that I did every step of the process.

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