How do you force feed a hen

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    I saw an older post where someone force fed electrolytes and food. How do you force feed? I'm holding fresh corn in front of my hen so hopefully she will take a bite periodically but I think she's getting worse. I haven't been able to get her to take yogurt. Can a hen choke like another animal would if you do it wrong? I made a post on her condition last night and haven't received a reply back yet so I will probably go by Tractor Supply today and see if there is any miracle stuff I can force down her. The past two nights I've had to pick her up and put her in her nest. She just lays down where ever you put her. She might take a few steps but then lays down. She's even letting crickets crawl on her and not eating them. I don't think she's eating enough to keep on. Any suggestions on force feeding would be nice. Thanks.
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    Tube fluids first to correct hydration, then food.


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