How do you get a splinter out from under your fingernail?


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Jul 12, 2007
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I was working on the coop today when I got his huge splinter. its stuck and it hurts like a ********. How would you go about getting it out without amputation? Its stuck in there just like this /
So sorry. I know how bad they hurt!

Try soaking your finger in a water/peroxide mix. This will swell the splinter. If it isnt showing enough to pull out after that, apply a black salve and wait till you can get to it.

It took mine a couple of days.

Hope this helps
Thank you for the help. I will do that now thanks
My grandmothers tried and true method for removing splinters, generously apply elmers glue to area, let dry, peel off skin. Splinter comes with it. I've even used carpenters glue when in a pinch, I bet any kind would work. Good Luck
I took off part of my fingernail with a dremmel when that happened to me. After taking enough of it off, the splinter lifted out.

Huge splinter that went into the quick:


Nail after being very slowly, carefully ground off:


Not something I'd recommend, but I have to think I'm dying to go the to ER and a splinter didn't qualify...

I tried the warm water and peroxide mix but did not work but at least the area is nice and clean and sot so I will try again soon. I wish we had glue but we never use it lol. If it dont go away by trash day (which is thursday) I will have ti slowly and carefully take off part of my nail. Thank you all for the helpful hints and advice
*Stevie, do you know what Back2Basics recommendation "black salve" IS?? I ask because a lot of "people your age" (never thought I'd be old enuf to use that phrase!! :|) have never heard of it--
If you cant trim your nail down and grab it with pointed tweezers, at least trim it as far as you can and apply genrous amounts of Neosporin and wrap it in gauze. Reapply several times a day if necessary and it will draw out in a couple days. I had a thick weed splinter stuck in my wrist deep and it had to fester out because it was too deep to take out.

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