How do you get hens to sit?

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I have some hens that i want to get some chicks from. I currently take the eggs out of the nesting boxes every day if they are cold. If i doent do take the eggs out will this encourage them to sit on them.
No, Going broody is a hormonal thing. They do it on their own timeline. What breeds do you have? Some types of hens will go broody easier than others.

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It appears i have all sexlinks. If u wanna c pictures of em all go to what breed or gender is this and find the post mystery roo!?!.
Sexlinks because of the fact that they have been selected and bred for maximum egg production are not a frequently broody breed. There are instances where sexlinks go broody, but that is more the exception than the rule. In a situation like yours, even the Broody Magician can not help.
We have a sexlink that goes broody about every 12 weeks but she was the only one out of 20. Yesterday one of our Buckeye hens went broody. Just in time too. We picked up 2 doz Buckeye and 1 doz americauna fertile eggs tonight. So 30 to the incubator and 6 to the broody.
Just think to yourself 'my chickens won't go broody this year' and your chickens will read your mind and go broody

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