How do you get medicine in a chicken beak?

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  1. My vet put my EE Penny on a liquid sulpha medication to be given twice daily. First few days she was eating it fine mixed with some wet cat food. Last two times she did not finish it, and now seems to have lost interest in the cat food.

    i tried holding her and getting her beak open to just shoot it down her throat, but she was not very cooperative. Is there a trick to getting medicine down a chicken's throat? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what might be better to mix this with so she will eat it all?

    Thanks for any insight anyone might provide.

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    Jun 13, 2007
    try mixing it with some yogurt.. my chickens dont like it but alot ppl here say their chickens love yogurt..
  3. My chickens love yogurt. i'll go try that now. Maybe i need to change the medicine mixture every day for diversity. Not sure how it tastes, but it smells sweet, like bubblegum.
  4. Well, she only ate half of the yogurt. She ate half the kitty food this morning, so hopefully that gives her a full dose.

    Thinking there should be a trick to getting the medicine down. i know with cats, when trying to get them to swallow a pill, if you blow in their nostrils it will make them swallow.
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    Jun 13, 2007
    I havent heard of any tricks.. all I have used I put in the water.. maybe someone with more med experience will come along soon and know of a trick or two...

    Good Luck,
  6. i just found this youtube video after searching the net. It shows giving medicine to a parrot, but might work also with a chicken. i will try this tonight and report back.

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    I make up a bit of oatmeal (thick enough so it will hold it shape) you can form it into little pellets...I take a quarter tsp of that and mix the med with it... then form tthree or four pellets and coat those in olive oil or salad oil. If the bird is uncooperative have someone else hold the bird for you so you will have both hands free if possible... with a posicle stick or such you cah open their beak and place the pellet in and close the beak and gently stroak the neck so they swallow it on their own. The evening is the best time to do this as they are much quieter and easier to handle.
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  8. Thanks, i tried the oatmeal, but she wouldn't take it with the meds inside. However, i did put some oatmeal out for all the chicks, and they love it.

    Went into the vet office last Friday and the staff showed me how to administer meds. It worked great in the office, but not so great by myself back home.

    So today my vet called me, and i explained my difficulty. She said she would prescribe meds to put in the water. What?????? i've been trying to pry a chicken beak open twice a day for a week. Plus, poor Penny is all stressed out firstly from being a new egg-layer, and then having me wrestling yucky meds down her throat. [​IMG]

    Not to mention i have all these beautiful eggs i can't eat. i guess i need to start looking into craft ideas for blown eggs. Yesterday she layed an extra large one. i know it's a double yolker. [​IMG]
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    When my vet mixed up a pred suspension she flavored like molasses. The bird drank it from the spoon. See if they could make you up something that is matches more of the taste a bird prefers.
  10. i talked to a local compounding pharmacy, but they had never done meds for chickens, so did not have any idea about possible flavors. i would not have thought of molasses. i will mention that to my vet. For now, glad to be getting meds for in the water. Hope it doesn't make it taste so yucky she won't drink.

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