How do you get new hens to lay in your nesting boxes?


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
NE Kansas
Hi! I am new to chickens. Most of my flock is 8 wks old. A few weeks ago I picked up a 1 1/2 yr old Blue Cochin at a swap. She will only lay under the steps to the coop. Last week I bought a 1yr old Black Copper Maran. She hasn't laid anything for me yet, but she won't spend any time in the nesting boxes either. What do I need to do to get these gals to use the boxes??
Thanks for the replies and to the OP,I too was wondering how to do this. The egg I got today was laid in the grass even though someone is using the nest box for something. I see the shavings have been depressed like one of them was laying in it. I really would like them to lay in the nest box instead of the grass. Will try the golf ball trick tomorrow.
I'm so glad to read this. Henrietta HAD been laying in a banker's box on the porch. We had a chicken-rabbit hutch then. My husband and I converted a Lowe's resin shed into a chicken coop with the intention of getting more hens. Since, there is no roost yet, we moved the chicken-rabbit hutch into the shed. I also moved the banker's box into the shed. Henrietta has been laying in the coop instead. Of course, some of the time, one of them (I have a rooster named Bob) has stepped on the egg. This morning, I found a stepped on egg in the attached run. Can't wait to try the golf ball idea!
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