How do you get response from chicken breeders????

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For over 2 years I have been helping my friend locate birds she could purchase. She doesn't have a computer,nor long distance phone service or credit card.

The frustration(for both of us) is worse than pulling hen's teeth. I am on BYC many times a day, checking posts, checking birds for sale, etc. She doesn't have a car and isn't going to suddenly show up at anyone's residence and bring germs, steal birds, pull out feathers or commit vandalism. She would like to add a pullet or two of some different breed and wants something of better quality than feed store or hatchery stock.

I make the initial contact. I explain what my friend is seeking, provide her full name and address and phone no. If they don't care to give out their address . so she could write them directly, I ask that they contact her. No one does. Snail mail is a dirty word.

In all this time she has only gotten 2 serama pullets, that were shipped and fully paid for in advance by money order. She wanted a frizzle pullet - we gave up on that after many dead ends. Now she's hoping for showgirl pullet and the trail is just as cold. She lives in a suburb of Chicago, and has had chickens (usually 2 or 3 at a time) well over 20 years. The senior bus doesn't go out of the local area so she can't attend swap meets, fairs or Poultry shows.

If I ask about pullets, people will try to unload roosters on her (not permitted). If they are desperate for sales they will offer their entire flock - no go for a small suburban lot. Maybe it's better to have no response than being considered as a dumping ground.

By the way, I don't drive either - we got acquainted on the senior bus, so apart from using the computer, there isn't anything more I can do. I just feel very badly for her because she loves her birds. she subscribes to Backyard Poultry but, can't connect with approachable breeders .

I feel badly for her because it reminds me of the time I was a young kid and wrote all the Cocker Spaniel people I could find in the dog magazine and asked about puppies. In those days all we had was snail mail. Only two breeders replied, obviously 35 cents allowance per week wasn't enough but, they sent pictures and encouragement.

I did end up breeding and showing champion Cockers, writing for dog magazines, running a grooming salon, etc. etc. But it's a different world out there now., all tech and instant on- line sales -.You fit in or your don't. If you need shipping that's another 'pox" on you. Yet some people complain on BYC forums they can't sell their chicks, or layers, or starters. I';m sure there are compassionate chicken people but, we aren't connecting.

Okay off my soapbox.
I'm so sorry to hear all of this! I've shipped birds all over the country and I always respond to emails and phone calls. I'm sure there are people on Byc that would be willing to help her. I would help her any way I could!!
I realize that your situation is unique.

I've got to tell you I've had decades of experience with people who are asking "for a friend" and they have all been time wasters. So that is what you are running into.

Sitting down and writing a letter takes a lot of time and energy, and there are a lot of lonely people out there who have discovered they can get strangers to focus attention on them for a little while by calling classified ads, or writing to people trying to sell just about anything, because they are not buying, they are trying to get someone to listen to them. Everyone who has livestock, or horses, or dogs, or poultry for sale has been over-exposed to that type and doesn't want to get stuck with them again.

I am sorry that you are having problems finding birds. And no, I don't have anything that you want. Since you have a phone, I don't understand why you can't do business over the phone. It's expecting a lot to ask a stranger to write a letter to you.
If I had any pullets for sale, I would have shipped the bird to your friend and the postmaster can make a special delivery for her. Sorry, I don't have anything what your friend is looking for.

Snail mail seems like a dying trend since internet came into the picture. If internet is going to start charging ten cents per email, you bet the people will continue to use it until it is of the same price as the USPS stamp to mail the letter, then the dynamics will change.

I wish you alot of luck and do post it in the Illinois thread for your friend. I am sure someone close by may have something for her that she could buy from.
Oregon Blues you don't seem to get "it". If the breeder doesn't give you a phone number, how can you call them?

If you find someone on here all you know at best is their user name. Sometimes they give a hint of where they live so you know if its too far or not. I try to go by 'siggy' where people list the breeds they have or what is for sale.

The friend does exist. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. When I contact people via email I give both my name and address and ditto for my friend Arline. I prefer that she corespond with the seller, so if they say ie, they don't have the color she wants or age, she can say if she is amenable to something different. I can't read her thoughts. I can't forsee what the other party will offer.

I don't think it is so much to ask that a breeder write a stranger(would be buyer) who would even send a SSAE for any reply - "IF "and back to "IF" again, you knew the address.

Try and see this from the would be buyers view point, a user name and hint of whereabouts, seems risky especially if they want full payment up front, crate and shp. etc. and you aren't even sure who you are dealing with.

Neither my friend nor I have long distance service. However, she could buy a phone card from Walmart etc. IF ONLY she had a number to call.
Ewe Sheep, thank you for advising to post in the Illinois thread. That hadn't occurred to me.

I have posted in the "Want to buy section," several times., with no results. However a year ago I emailed a breeder(on BYC)and tho she didn't have what Arline wanted (silkied seramas)- she refered her to someone who did. That is how she got Sandy and Mandy.

Showgirls seem alot harder to find.
Check with cjexotics. She has showgirls and I have hatched them personally. I would definitely search craigslist in your area regularly, too.

Best of luck!

Speaking for myself, I expect this is true of others, the possibility of selling one pullet isn't attractive enough to induce me to jump through the hoops you've outlined. I sell birds to people interested in breeding &/or showing. I sell pairs or trios. As a general rule that's how most breeders sell. If I were to sell only pullets what would I do with all the left over cockerels. As it is demand outstrips my supply so why would I want to sell someone a pullet alone? Your "friend" has no car, no phone service, no computer & no credit card so working out a sale to her? would require repeated written correspondence. Frankly it just doesn't sound worth the hassle. I suspect your "friend" also doesn't want to pay much for a pullet either.

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